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Siyah Çoraplılar İskoçya’da

Yabancı gazete arşivlerinde dolaşırken karşımıza çıkan bir haber bizi önce şaşırttı, sonra da sevindirdi : Siyah Çoraplılar İskoçya’da gazetelerde haber olmuştu!

13 Ocak 1902 tarihinde, Dundee Evening Telegraph isimli gazetede yayınlanan haber, bildiğimiz hikayeyi tekrarlıyor ve bu haberle birlikte “Siyah Çoraplılar” takımının 1899’da değil, 1901 sonunda kurulduğu gerçeği de perçinlenmiş oluyordu.

Takipçimiz Cüneyt Bey, aynı metnin 11 Ocak 1902’de Lincolnshire Echo, Sheffield Evening Telegraph ve Bolton Evening News’te de yayınlandığını yazınca, bir de Amerika Birleşik Devletleri gazetelerine bakalım dedik ve ne görsek beğenirsiniz? Haber, orada da 28 Ocak 1902 tarihinde dolaşıma girmiş ve 13 Mart 1903’e kadar aşağıda ismi geçen gazetelerde turunu tamamlamış:

The Buffalo Commercial, Chicago Tribune, The Victoria Daily Times, The Inter Ocean, Evansville Journal News, The Ottawa Citizen, The Butte Daily Post, The Western Call, Brooklyn Times Union, The Commercial Appeal, The Daily Morning Journal and Courier, The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Detroit Free Press, The Pittsburgh Press, The Buffalo Sunday Morning News, The Evening Times, Daily Morning Union and The Herald, Portage Daily Register, The Suburban Citizen, The Daily Republican, Elizabethville Echo, The Stark County Democrat.

“Tarihe geçen haber” denir ya…. Gerçekten de öyle…

Fenerbahçe Tarihi Çalışma Organizasyonu

Football In Turkey

Sport does not meet with much encouragement in Turkey, and is pursned under great difficulties. A young Turk called Rechad Bey, inspired by the Smyrna and Constantinople football match, organized a Club amongst his friends, together with some Greeeks and Armenian and began practising. A few days ago, in the middle of the night, police came to his house and carried him off to Scutari; there he was submitted to a long interrogation as to the Club and the game of football. Matters only grew more complicated, as the Turkish word for ball is top, the same as for a cannon. The authorities were convinced they had found a great plot, and that the Club must be a secret society. A special messenger was sent for the ball, and that was duly examined, and found to be an infernal machine. The regulations of the Club were considered to be another piece of damning evidence, and still worse were the jerseys and colours of the Club, which showed a complete organization.

Even to a Uniform

After long deliberation the culprit was sent to the higher police authorities in Stamboul, who went through a second long examination, and came to the conclusion that the Empire had been saved from disintegration by the early discovery of a great plot. They despatched the whole matter to be eamined into a Yildiz. So the young man, the football, the rules, and the sweaters and knickers were all solemnly taken to the Palace, and a Special Commission took the matter in hand. After much careful thought and examination of the evidence it was decided that there might be nothing in it, but it must not be done again. Accordingly, the young man was appointed Vice-Consul at Teheran and bundled off the same day. This may appear perfectly incredible, but it is absolutely true.

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